Experts say that to have a robust marketing strategy, you must state your unique selling proposition beforehand. This means telling prospective customers what exactly keeps you ahead of the competition. And this rule applies to all businesses today. However, for your unique proposition to cut it, it has to be valuable, clear, accurate and concise.

With competition in the web hosting space overgrowing, every web hosting company comes with unique featuresto attract many customers to their platform. But some hosting companies make silly or ridiculous claims just to stay ahead of the competition. Some of these ridiculous claims include:

a) Some web hosting companies claim to offer free Google Analytics

Google analytics is a service provided by Google. Specifically, it monitors, tracks and reports your website traffic. The good thing is that you can integrate it into your website regardless of the web hosting company you use. Some web hosts claim to offer this service for free. Don’t believe that. The truth is that web hosting companies have nothing to do with Google Analytics.

b) Some web hosting companies claim to offer around-the-clock email support

This is one of the ridiculous claims made by some web hosting companies just to get more people to subscribe to their hosting plans. It a no-brainer that you can send and receive emails at any time of the day and night. So this is usually a marketing gimmick to attract naïve prospective website owners.

c) Other web hosting companies claim to offer 100% uptime guarantee

100% uptime guarantee sounds great on paper, but it’s not possible in the real world. Even the best web hosting companies out there can only guarantee 99.9% uptime. Glitches are bound to occur on the host’s servers, and maintenance of servers happen often. Although reputable web hosting companies solve these issues in a matter of seconds, downtimes are inevitable. That’s why they can’t guarantee 100% uptime. So beware of web hosting companies that pitch 100% uptime. It’s a ploy to get as many people as possible to subscribe to their hosting services, but once they’re in, they’ll still experience downtime often.

d) Some web hosting companies promise unlimited bandwidth and disc space

This is the most common ridiculous feature pitched by some web hosts. If that were true, many website owners would be rich today. The truth is these web hosting companies place some restriction. They advertise unlimited bandwidth and disc space, but if you exceed their set limit, they slow down your site and discontinue your service.


With cutthroat competition in the web hosting space, many hosting companies make ridiculous promises, and if you’re naïve, you could easily fall for them. It’s advisable to get to grips with all aspects of web hosting before choosing a web hosting company.