If you run a website, you’ve probably heard of the term unlimited web hosting. It simply refers to a hosting package that comes with unlimited bandwidth, disc space, and capability for add-on domain. In other words, companies offering unlimited web hosting enable website owners to host multiple domains at really reasonable prices.

Are unlimited bandwidth and disc space real in web hosting?

If you’re an accustomed website owner, then you know that unlimited bandwidth and disc space is not possible. There is no web hosting company out there that can offer truly unlimited web hosting services. There is always a limitation. It’s easy to come across a question from an aspiring website owner that goes like this, ‘’Can I get a hosting plan that can allow me to store all my 500GB photo and movie collection?’’ An accustomed website owner will tell you that it’s almost impossible to find a web host that can allow you to store that kind of file size. The sooner you come to terms with the fact that unlimited web hosting is a term used by many web hosts as a marketing gimmick, the sooner you’ll be okay with what you get.

Web hosting providers are out there to make money

One reason that will make you accept that there is nothing like unlimited web hosting is the fact that web hosting companies are out there to make money. Even though they can offer unlimited server resources, they won’t do that with a price of $3.95 per month. They are in the business to make a profit. It’s just like setting up a buffet. Hotels and restaurants set up a buffet to allow people to eat a variety of foods, but not to overeat.

When web hosting companies talk of unlimited hosting, what they mean is that you’re free to host multiple websites on their servers, and use unlimited web hosting resources, but they can’t allow you to overuse it. In fact, when you reach a certain limit, they will slow down your site. And when they realize that you are always exceeding your preset limit, they will shut down your site or discontinue your account. So you must know this upfront before choosing a web hosting company to host your website.


If you research or read customer reviews about the different unlimited web hosting companies, you’ll find that they have their own rules and server limitations to control the use of server resources. So put this in the back of your mind when out there evaluating different web hosting companies.